Many times at wedding meetings we meet confused brides. I have never understood why panic and confusion is never displayed on groom’s faces and brides have it displayed from the make up to the colour of nail polish they wear before the meetings. But being in charge of your wedding has never meant for you not to delegate duties or have your brides maids, mom and friends lead and think for you. You need to know what you want you day to look like, how you want to feel in your bridal gown not how beautiful it will look when others see it because at the end of the day it will be on you not on them, and it doesn’t really matter because either way smart or not they will have something to talk about yet you sacrificed your comfort at the expense of there dream for you. and always mind who you take to your fittings, if your mother will give you had time deciding don’t take her. Every mother dreams of seeing her daughter in a particular gown yet most mothers desire that their daughters look like princesses but what about how you want to look?, do you give that up for your mother?

Allow maids discuss with you what they would love to wear but always have it in mind they shall never agree so by the time you invite them over for tea to discuss better have the colour and design you think will perfectly match your day and them because at the end of the day you need your bridal party happy and comfortable. 

Know what your reception should look like do not leave it all to the decorator because they surely need a hint to make your reception beautiful. Do not just tell them of your theme colours and imagine its over because you don’t want to frown when you enter your reception. And who says because its your wedding you need to be involved in everything and anything?, give yourself some rest lady delegate duties and know who to ask at the end of the day or you will be so pale and grey by the time of the D-day from running abut with decorators, maids, fitting, caterers….


Be in charge of yo wedding. tell the committee what you want and let everyone else’s job be to give you something close, exact or better because you will not have this day come around like you birthdays.

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