Always remember why you fell in love

Thoughts ran through my mind after a brief conversation with a friend. she is getting married and once in a while when she wakes up to go for church counselling she questions herself why she is getting married and why she has to at this time then she remembers she had options of saying No to the proposal but didn’t. 

Do yo know reasons as to why you fell in love with your spouse, boyfriend,girlfriend, wife/husband to be? Do you ever sit back and ask yourself what on earth attracted you to them? then you should find out why you are still in love with them and want to go through each day of your life with these particular people. while most women fall for character and personality, most men fall for the appearance of women the physical appearance does move them a lot. That’s why it mightImage seem easy for a man to move on quicker than a lady does and its why women accept and learn to live with the flaws in there partners and try as much to live every moment happily

Kevin a  bride to be woke up one day after she and her partner had announced there wedding date and had a misunderstanding with her man, two days later she started questioning herself why she should marry this man but she remembered he isn’t perfect and they have had lots of beautiful moments as much as she chose mainly to remember the bad. he/she can not be flawless but by the time they decide to want to settle with you and spend the rest of their lives with you then you mean much more to them than you thought. no man wants to be tagged to a nagging woman all his life and no woman wants to spend the rest of her life with a man that doesn’t understand and care for her or even listen to her. i must say we ladies love to be heard.

He is not going to be everything you fantasized about nor the man you have had in your dreams as a child but as long as he compliments and completes you, believes and supports you then that is one partner that that will always have your back even when the storms are strong and the love is no more you shall always have the friendship and that is enough to keep you going and rekindle the blown out candle. We all have different relationship experiences and we do not hurt the same. your story will never be my story no matter how close the situations seem. Only you have the power to make it and if it fails let it go because the longer you hold on the tougher the pain.

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