When i picked forms for national identity card registration, i realized at the section for marriage  they didn’t include cohabiting. Then as i returned home i met my neighbor sulking and complaining about the same thing.”i am a married woman even when i do not own a marriage certificate that these people want,” she rambled. I looked down at her in confusion and walked off. but as i rested down on my bed i got myself wondering what is a marriage? When two people stay together ordinarily its called cohabiting even if they have had children yet i still think this is not right . I believe as long as all we have is each other and no one to keep asking us to recite vows or dance then we are married and a wedding is a celebration to seal off this marriage that is why lots of people come around to witness the union. Being back at your house with your husband or  wife and children is the marriage because that is where it all goes down it does not matter if you have a certificate or not because all this certificate does is to certify your union not your marriage.

I would prefer you have a marriage and not just a ring because when you wed, you obliged to wear one though it’s not a must because this is a symbol for your union for your love for each other a seal for the promises and not your marriage. Do you ever look at the many who wear this band and do not respect the reason for its presence on their finger? or they wear because they are afraid of society questioning why they don’t wear one when they are married? I love rings and yes i dream of a wedding i dream of a wedding band but i also dream of respecting and loving my wedding band not as a seal for my marriage because i can wear it of but as representation of our love therefore my wedding band is not the one on me but the one i wear on my heart and this on my finger is just a reminder of my promises.

Well the marriage is more important than the wedding, It’s about what happens after the wedding not just one day. I actually think on those forms they should have included cohabitation because some of hour parents have brought us up in a marriage that is referred to as cohabitation and they have been down the road 50yrs. It’s good that you have a wedding but much better that you have a marriage either have both or the latter not a wedding and no marriage


  1. Many times, many people end up not having a “marriage” after their wedding. Like someone said, “There is always a marriage after every wedding.” I do believe that!! A good marriage is “made” by both the husband and wife. Cohabiting is illegal (By law & Social standards) #Definition of marriage. Why keep on the wrong side of the law all my Life? Thanx Shan


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