letters to my p**** prt 2



Sorry I didn’t think of you

I caused you pain

Exposed you to my girlfriend

To the bush herbs

I had hardly looked at you

Just until that time in the bush

The time I compared you to Stella’s

And was inquisitive of the similarity

My selfishness left me no choice

I needed to strengthen ties

To prepare for that man

 I dreamt of perfect love making

I could do everything to earn it

Even when it meant mutilation

But wait; be glad I did not go there

May be because my culture is different

But please forgive my friends

They couldn’t protect you

They were young and stupid

Blinded by there culture

Uneducated, never learnt

They could never fight for you

But you know you are my best friend

You are so secret

Never let me down

Even to the tears of love making

While am groaning with ecstasy

Mourning with excitement

Even when I let you through the pain

Pain I enjoyed as I became woman

You never let me down


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