Many times i’ e had girls debating about whether it is important to tell their friends about the men they are dating or in relationship with. “i only introduce my man to my inner circle of friends and once in a while hang out together because never know they may see what i don’t see” one of my girlfriends said. I met another random lady who told me she couldn’t risk it all they should know is she is dating and maybe introduce him but not hang out she rather would she introduces him to family.

well, i will say, its your own business as to whom you choose to get wed or marry not your friends because at the end of the day its going to be you and your partner. Even when you divorce as much as they say we told you no body ever understands your feelings more than you do. All that your friends can do is relate to your situation but your situation is very different from theirs. And again they say beauty lies in the hands of the beholder.  IT IS ONLY YOU THAT KNOWS THE REASON YOU FELL IN LOVE OR LOVE SOME ONE OR CANNOT GO AN EXTRA DAY WITH A PERSON. If am your friend i should be able to support and advise you and not discourage u it is why while you are a child your mother let u burn, eat soil and make your own mistakes because she needed you to learn from them. But however i DON’T stop you from introducing your man/woman to your folks or talking about them or hanging out because they shall see something you don’t see and when your told don’t get angry just pay attention and be more careful. Think about the advise and let it be your own DECISION on whether you divorce or breakup or keep dating not an influence by your friends because you don’t want to be blaming them the decisions you made out of their influence that way you will never feel like you owe anyone an EXPLANATION for decisions you made on your own because still its only you that knows why

your friends shouldn’t be only their to find fault in you life they should be concentrating on fixing their own faults. WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE QUITTING, ALWAYS REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED. when you think of walking out on your marriage always reflect on why you started it, why you agreed on getting married and why you chose this person. when you think of leaving your relationship always reflect on what made you start it or get into it because your the only person that knows why your wit someone particular. Love is work for the people involved not for the people outside because from the outside looking in you can either choose to see beauty of sorrow while from the inside you know the situation perfectly. love is a road taken by two people who should know better how to work it

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  1. Hmmm….Interesting! The decisions and choices we make after the decisions, should give us inner peace and should be winning choices. 🙂 “Let other people advise you, but never allow them to decide for you.” Thank you Shan.


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