At six years she played mummy and daddy and then one night her mother walked into her one night before she went to bed. She was on her knees with her baby besides her and this was her prayer “dear Lord, when i grow to be like mummy i want to be like mummy and daddy. I want to have a Praying husband and very caring like daddy. amen.”  The innocence in her prayer brought tears to her mothers eyes and she closed the day silently and went away.

It is every little girl’s dream to get married one day even when they do not understand what marriage is and its every mothers dream to see her girl walk down the aisle. There’s that man that every girl has built her dream on and when they start to be teenagers they start to believe this prince is in a novel or doesn’t exist in real world. It is okay to dream and build that fairy tale in your head because one day your prince charming will come even after you have kissed the frog and the toad. As you dream remember to pray for your prince it doesn’t matter if you already have him or you like the six year old girl. dream of your wedding dress your reception and everything you would like about your wedding. Dreams come true though not all of them because sometimes you meet your prince but you never get to have the dream wedding but your still happy and you even stop to dream and only wish it would come.

Last night that six year old now in in her early twenties was talking weddings with her mother, but she still sounded like she was six maybe few things were added because she now knows what marriage is now but she hasn’t stopped building her fairy tale. All successful people have dreamt and its from these dreams that they live their dreams. dream dream dream….

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