Marry you friend. Not just any one because they are wealthy or they have a name or because your father believes its the best partner for you. Gone are the days when we were match made for marriage and we were not even allowed to court or date. Marry someone you can not only make a fool out of yourself for but can also cry with. Marry someone who doesn’t simply make you smile but can as well understand you. Do not just marry your friend but your confidant someone you can share you deepest secrets with someone who will not just understand you but correct criticize and advise you.

Marry someone that will hold your hand even when the clouds become dark, play with you as friends, love you deeply like you are part of their lives. Marry happiness, marry the heart not the wallet not the body not the looks all these simply come like a package. Marry your best friend and you will forever live like a princess because you have someone that completes you, understands you and believes in you.Image

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