Have you ever wondered what the 1st dance means or really is? Many times i go to weddings and the relatives are dancing their way to the reception and later after the bride has changed and darkness has fallen she and her groom go to the dance floor and the MC announces “the 1st dance”. Well as for me i would prefer having a last dance. that is my dad and I  hitting the dance floor and killing it just after the giving my speech and i would i shall have a first dance with my groom as soon as i enter the reception because then i believe it will make more meaning anyone else that wants to join the celebration can join the dance just as the second song is about to be played.

I want to tear on my fathers jacket as i rest my head on his shoulder through the dance, whisper to each other say my last words as an unmarried little girl. then share giggles with my king as my prince looks on. and i also desire and look forward to my first dance with my prince as a married couple probably to our favorite number played live, look into his eyes and smile, smile back at him and rest on his shoulder and dance the night away. Yes i shall attach emotion and passion and equal value to both dances and i expect my crowd to give the same respect. So these dances that we call 1st dances last dances are actually crowd dances if you have missed out on one i think you need to take your spouse for a date and have a DANCE because that’s a Dance you don’t want to MISS ever

Three things every girl dreams of doing before they die # feel like a princess  #walk down the aisle  #DANCE yes they may not know but they don’t want to miss THE DANCE Image

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