You gave me your last name when i didn’t ask for it 

but you willingly christened me and added yours to mine

few days i will be meeting my prince

but please walk me down the aisle..

my life as your daughter taught me how to be a bride

and my life as his bride, will teach me to be a wife and mother

I didn’t spend my whole life waiting for a storm

because all you did daily was shield me

but today am going to enjoy the sunshine

I am going to smile and let it kiss my skin

walk me down the aisle to my prince please

for you have grown old beside me and the best is still yet to be

If i cant see the fog, then i can’t do much

the sky will fall down on me

but if i have you by my side

the heavens will scream Hossana

and my cheeks will create space for my tears

walk me down the aisle please

for deep within me burns a flame

to dance with you

but most of all to take the a blessing of my king

and the warmth of my prince

I feel a storm of JOY coming

an everlasting HAPPINESS and

I don’t wanna go through this alone

Please walk me Down the Aisle Daddy.

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