LETTERS TO MY P**** Pt 9&10

He smiled, placed his fingers inside
Hmm it was warm he said
He got down with the shaving
And there he felt my clitoris
I was so wet, the waters kept flowing
The spring never ran dry.
He sat me in the tab
Placed my legs apart
And his head in between
I now knew you were crying in agony
Probably it’s the waters that were flowing
But I still couldn’t stop this time
I never listened to your cry
At this point I was lost in his heaven
I felt his tongue touch your lips
He tried to suck you dry
But you could not just dry
I mourned with pleasure
And forgot about your pain
I wanted to feel him inside of you
Up my lower stomach
When he slid his cock inside of me


I felt you contract
Am not sure whether it was in rebellion
Or pull back from the pain caused
In no time you poured out
It was like a fall of water
I did not know if you were crying out loud
My pussy
But I felt so good at the warmth of the water
Like tears it tasted
Salty but sweet
I did not ever understand your message till now
Maybe because I have not made you feel that way
For long or you were angry with me
For letting you become so wet…
I do not know if many look at you like I do
Some of my friends think you are ugly
I think they are right since we are different owners
Others think you are disgusting
Quite right because you need cleaning
And worse because you are always wet
But I’ve learnt to keep you beautiful
Like lawns in my granny’s compound

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