letters to my P**** pt 11

As old as I remember but lovely
Am going to make sure you are perfect
Even after the traditional dancers step,
It’s still green and healthy
Forget your bushy days
I didn’t know how cute you were
But I have now discovered
Please forgive me for the times I never cared
Am going to dress you smartly in the
Most beautiful, lingerie I can ever get
Shave you to comfort and beauty
Forget about the genital mutilation
Or to pulling like culture demands
He might not support culture
And simply love the woman we are.
Am going to accessorize you with a silver pin
How I wish you would wear make up.
Am going to make you feel pretty
That when my husband looks at you packaged
He is not about to rush but look in admiration
Smile and confess his profound beauty
Am asking you to please make him beg
Not like before when you had no choice
Am now putting you in full control
Dirty cocks or too big please say NO
I won’t ask you to say no to all
Other than my husbands
Because you might need change of food
But choose which rats to eat with care

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