Love me for the words that I say for they bring life into you.

Don’t love me because I know how to rock those heels and match the crop top for its only food for the eyes.

Be my friend and leave me with no excuse to disappear from you when I feel its not my life I’m living.

I maybe light today but don’t run out of bed when you turn and am dark.

It could be that I look like your dream girl but what happens when am actually not the girl of your dreams.

My hips may not lie right now but that’s only because you don’t have the time to see if they are China or Taiwan before you open them.

You don’t even care if the breast I put forward are mine or borrowed for the show before you can start sucking them like you did get enough of your mother’s.

Why let my cute face fool you with all the different colours I played with before you start to lie just so I could open my legs and give you a few minutes in the world that you think are the best at the moment yet when it about to end you call out all gods to come hold you .

It’s a pity that you can let your humanity go with only 12345 minutes of sweating to get a lito liquid out the system


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