my silent disco

With my self made silent disco i close out the world
listening to music created in my head
visualizing and editing my fantasies
I listen to all i desire
and lock out the rest of the world
the pain in my heart
the fear in my eyes
my body shivers from the cold winds

I play my own music
laugh to my own dreams
write down my own budget and expenses
i have created my world
built walls of concrete around it
guarded it like my like my newborn baby
kept on my knees wishing my baby would grow

I shut out the world
simply to live my life
to make my mistakes and grow from them
to groom my dreams to reality
to breathe life into my fantasies
but who said it would be easy?
sometimes i sulk sometimes i smile
sometimes my gown is white sometimes its purple
other times i have no gown at all

I create my own world
ooh when i met him,
my world stood still
i built all my dreams and fantasies
wore and undressed my gown
woke up and slept to him
shared my secrets with him
my friend, my confidant, my husband

I live my world
with all challenges and difficulties i embrace
with all the joys and pleasures i smile
my sky is lit brightly in the day
my world shines brighter in the night
my heart twinkles like a star
of course some nights its off duty
because sometimes it rains
and i have to walk down in the rain
but i knew exactly how to face the storm
because i knew sometimes the sun had to rest

I write my own lyrics
i carry my pencil in my purse daily
write my stories
reflect on my dreams
i sketch my path
i recite my story and tell my WORLD
how appreciated i feel

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