He looked at her walk towards him
like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time,
she was his hope in darkness even when
sometimes he had to ruin her eyeliner instead of her lipstick,
she was always his wind breaker when the storm blew strongly
and gave him hope that someday the light would come.
He held her face lightly and
stared deep into her eyes
wondering why how she had managed.
She had the patience of Hannah
and like Kenny Rogers said,
to her vows went unbroken.
He leaned back and drew her closer
and whispered
“Will you marry me?”
her tears ran down unannounced
slowly he let go and crumbled down on his knee
stared up to her like he had never seen her
the beam of her smile behind her tears
she said in a cracked voice
“not just for one day, but for all years ahead with you, i will.”

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