letters to my P***** pt 12

Do you know how men get proud?
Yes, men when sending off their girls
I want you to feel that kind of pride
Feel like the bride they are sending off
Dress in all kinds of cloth
Good and bright enough to be noticed
Accessorize with anything that will bring glamour
And on that day of your send off
He will look at you in shock
In surprise of how u managed
To keep yourself just for him
And stain those white bed sheets red.
He will be into shock, shock
that will fill his mouth with water
Water made of his own saliva
The groom will look on in agony
Wishing they could touch
At least feel
Maybe imagination will cease
When they finally have a closer feel
Of something that has been preserved
And packaged for them.
It’s amazing how men love beauty
How they love being given
Treated special even when they never reciprocate
But well, it doesn’t hurt
Especially if it’s worth the wait
I don’t hate you my dear
Neither is it apathy
Back then I didn’t give a damn about you
It didn’t matter how you felt
But I surely love you
You are so part of me

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