I love to watch the band.
I love to fly on boda boda.
I love music. It speaks in my silence
It soothes my pain
It gives me heaven in my secret paradise
The sound of the percussion,
the rhythm of the saxophone,
and ooh the mighty acoustic.
The passion at which he strums it,
the sweet music it makes
and oooh! how he handles it
gets me smiling to the dark sky.
(watching the band tonite….)
well i normally do, but tonite
I missed my boo more
his voice,his body
and Damn! his amazing voice
when he sings, speaks….
I missed him hold me to dance the night away.
(sweet coconut just played)
his smile melts it all away
(i just closed off my eyes to imagine)
ooh my boo…..
when i close my eyes
I see him sing to me
he looks deep into my eyes and shares his smile
(tonite …. oh tonite)
I fly on a boda boda
with handa streched side ways
the wind blowing my hair i sing
(its well with my soul)
Damn! tonite is….
ohh Lord tonite.

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