LETTER’S TO MY P**** Pt 13

I don’t know what future you have,
Especially with the Sebei and Masai
Wish God would only understand
And place you only with the other tribes,
A Muganda would surely take good care
Their paternal aunties teach them how
Apart from the pain of going to the bush
A Mutooro would not be mean
For every cock that knocks on her door
It will be a sure deal
The Arabian women would be on point
Because before marriage your assured of your seal.
But I cry each time I see a Masai
I fear for you
Especially at the age of fifteen
My heart pumps so fast
Because I know it’s that time
The time to be silenced
I hear, ‘to give me pleasure’.
Yet it’s to cause you misery
Deny you of identification
Who will see you so tucked in?
What kind of pleasure has pain?
Of course I know of one
But it causes less bleeding
More joy and slight pain
You make men cry with ecstasy
Yet you cause agony to many ladies.

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