He bestowed on me a beautiful crown
It was not a princess’ or queens’ Tiara
It was a red rose garland
When he promised me a rose garden
I didn’t fathom how gracious it would feel
But when he met me at the entrance
And stared deep into my eyes
And exchanged my crown for a rose garland
nothing ever felt so beautiful.
I was his little rose garden
That he watered and tendered
he saw some roses wither
but he made sure most of it blossoms.
When i looked deep into his eyes,
I saw love,Joy,I saw pride
I felt loved.
My tears rolled beneath my veil.
with my Garland over my head,
nothing ever felt beautiful
like knowing i was my father’s princess
I was his rose
and i have lived in my simple castle
in complete blissful silence.
Till today when i stand in awe
thousands of eyes glued to me
as i recite my vows and Testify.

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