LETTERS TO MY P***Y pt 16&17

This letter is about my friend
I want you to learn something
Dear p***y
We all do not hate you as you think
Sometimes it’s because we have no choice
She was orphaned young
She left to stay with an auntie
After a few nights
She was told
Sleeping with men would be her survival,
On her first night
They dressed her
Dressed her p***y
And there she laid it before her client
Who appreciated the beauty?
She didn’t intend to
Tears flowed down her cheeks
But its how life decided to fuck her
After you beauty had been robbed
Her dignity was no more
She then vended you for half her life
Until her you were worn out
Her body needed to retire
And there we buried her body
Alongside her p***y
That’s because it didn’t have another place to be
Well as I shower every day
I thank God
I didn’t vend you
Or I was never lost of choice for you
I might have made some wrong choices for you
But I will surely make them all up to you
Give you the life you deserve

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