The pain after I can not here his voice
He was in my dreams as I prayed
He was in my head at night
The man I asked for at the alter
Each time I knelt down to pray
He was an illusion
Maybe from my movies
But he was hot!
Like the men on television
I had read in Daniel Steel
She described him perfectly
Just like the picture I created when he spoke
But hmmm he was my dream man
That was who I wanted him to be

I met the man again
I met him across the street the other day
He made my heart stop
I panicked when our eyes met
I quickly dropped mine to the ground
My head was blank
He was the only man that ever made me panic
And made me speechless
My eyes made effort to rise again
And they met his again
His eyes were glowing like the sun
I blushed at his gentle smile
It was as bright as the full moon
I was almost blinded
My voice disappeared when he asked my name
His tender voice didn’t leave me standing
My knees weakened
I grasped for breathe
That I almost collapsed
Then when he asked me to dinner
I was scared but accepted with excitement
I rushed home, forgot about my day
And tried to prepare myself
I dressed in the velvet evening gown
With my back open
Matched it with high heels
Just to enhance my slim size
And get my calf’s flattered
I looked at myself in the mirror
And I looked great.

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