He ordered a few soft drinks
I wasn’t sure I wanted to eat
I wasn’t hungry, neither was I satisfied
He calmly asked questions about me
Tried to know me as
The night walked by.
The stars en moon bright lit the sky
Every flash of his smile lit the table
Soon I was easy and calm
I freely spoke and laughed
Ooh! He was such a charmer
Had a good sense of humor
And spoke with a lot of intelligence
God! I met a man
He was my Boaz
That I had patiently waited for.
The night became cold
The sky became dark,
He offered his jacket
And a ride back home
He walked with me to his car
Opened the car door for me
After I sat, he turned around to take the wheel
It felt so not true
I mean it was too good to be true
Was I still living in my dream?
After he sat
He looked at me
I stared back right into his eyes.
He didn’t want to kiss me, but asked,
“Why is there sadness in your eyes?”
For two years not even my friends noticed
Nor my mother to whom I was most close
My eyes sadly dropped
My excited heart sunk
They say
Only real friends and loved ones
Can see the pain in your eyes
While all the rest
Believe in the smile you wear
I didn’t open up to him
He was still a stranger
And he did not push it either
He drove me home.

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