Am writing this letter to my love
Not to remind you simply of our first days
But to tell you what it felt like
I had never felt like this
I had been broken and crushed
I stopped trusting
I gave up on love
But when you came
I was not just relieved
But I felt whole and alive again
Before you my Boaz,
I’ve met Judas, Simon peter, Eliphaz
And have met the devil like Job
But can’t say I was strong like he was

But of the evenings we shared at the beach
Of the mornings you stole a kiss
Of the late night phone calls
It’s not a letter asking for it to all stop
But one requesting for more
Waking up to a warm smile
Going through the day knowing you think about me
Thoughts of each other even when we are far
This letter is to ask that no distance puts us a part
Going to bed assured of great warmth
A great hug
Sleeping to the sound of your heart bit
Wow! I can’t wait to lie at your chest
Make my bed for that special night
The night I will have you to myself
And become yours wholly

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