May be I look forward to the vows
The ring you will lay on my finger
The promises of an ending love
When am dressed in that wedding gown
Whiter than snow
I already asked my father
To help me with my dances
For soon the ball will be here
And before I know it
I will be at rest in my prince’s castle
Where I will have my bed laid
And will light my bathroom with scented candles
Pick roses from the garden
Smoke fresh petals for my prince
And lay besides him all my life
This letter is not to sing praises or
Build out my dreams
Am writing a confession
Of My love for you, an only love
My profound love
I did not dream of falling in love
But since it happens once
I wish to embrace it with joy
And share it with you my love
I have never needed a prince charming
But this wooden house is my castle
Where I will lay with my love
Make love to me all night
Pour honey down my neck
Lick it down my hardened nipples
And may the birds of the morning
Make melody as I wake up in your arms
May we have the sweet breeze kiss our skin?
This letter my love
Is not to ask you to be
But to let you know you are
The love I have chosen to lead me down the aisle
My headlines read
“Married to a high school sweetheart
Childhood crush, five year lover
And a best friend forever”
But no one understood
That he stalked me from conception
Designed my future with him
Even before I knew myself
Watched me take my first step
I grew and fell in love
With a totally different man
Who then I believed was my world
He still waited on me
And here we are again.

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