I met a man.
That I knew all my life and never paid attention to.
That adored me but I brushed him off.
That hasn’t only died for me but gave his life too.

A hardness in his voice hardly hurt,
But when he held my heart
And made me hate being alive,
Nothing ever hurt that much.
He didn’t only take away my troubles
Nor my temptations but gave me grace
He held my world and my dreams
Searched my heart and understood me
And for what it was worth,
He led me down the aisle
Where I was bought when love was slain
on his knees with a smile as wealthy as the heavens
He proposed again
Asking me to walk besides him all our lives
My heart was over joyed,
Tears rolled down my face behind veil
I gave him my hand and my heart
And allowed to walk daily with him
And on his knees he said his vows
Never to leave my side even in death
His promises were too good to be true
The price he paid for my blemish and wrinkle,
Was love that was slayed.

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