You didn’t take me to my first date

not did you practice prom dance with me

but today I long to have this dance with you

to sway away in silence in your arms..

for once I want not to gossip with you but

to enjoy a silent musical with you.

i can’t say that I will have you forever

for  just a dance with you

but I know I shall have you for ever to gossip.

I want to see the stars in your eyes twinkle

i desire to feel the shiver in you voice as you whisper #goodbye

i desire to share this dance with you.

you were my first and their will be no other

you are my Abraham, superman, batman, Jacob and Job.

daddy, please dance with me as I walk into my new life.

daddy dance with me to this ocean music,

to the singing of the birds in the woods.

lets enjoy this silence once as we listen to each other’s heartbeats

i won’t promise no tears but I promise to always be your baby girl.

when he took his hands down in mine at the alter

after the melodious strums he made as I walked down the aisle,

made me realize the most beautiful things come from what hurts us the most..

Daddy dance with me because you will always remain true.

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