The music of the ocean played in my head.
The musical woman I knew
Sat down hands tired and bruised from the strumming,
Her vocal code dry from the singing,
Her songs never went unheard
But her message was ignored .
Clad in a purple sweater She dozed off,
But her guitar tightly cradled to her chest
Her mind soaring like an eagle in hunt.
She whispered to her heart,
Because her guitar strings broke from her strumming.
She woke up to her tears that escaped from her eyes
She tried to hold them back in vain.
Helpless she felt her heart drown
Ooh!she is a coward lover!
She failed to notice her fingers where tired
And her mind was low on lyrics
Her heart was out of rhythm
So she bleed to bring it all back,
Because it was all she ever had.
The only thing she loved patiently and passionately
It was no more
How was she yet to purchase a new one?
How else was the inspiration supposed to return?
She was broken
OoH! She was a coward lover!
Helplessly she sat with her head leant back to the tree trunk
Searching the musical waters for an answer.
But even nature’s beauty faded in her eyes
Her world was pale and grey
But the sun never stopped shinning in her eyes.
In denial she lived, It was all gone.
She tried ooh yes she tried
But she is a coward lover
She still clang on like a mad woman to her empty bottles
Ooh! She was empty, she was broken.
All she needed Was to remember why she was created.
Her heart thrums From every pluck of the broken frets
Her heart bled through the notes
She was a coward lover
There is nothing in this world
That could ever do What her touch could do.

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