My future Husband

Dear  husband,

I hope you are doing well for the lord’s grace is sufficient. I love you alot and please do not question why i refer to uou as future because my future could be now. So lets get down to the point….I love to dance very much, however i am not a club banger therefore club isn’t quite my thing unless it is a kasiki or some real deal. I therefore request, never forget how much I love to dance even within the four walls of our life to our small system, pick me up once in a while and swing me around.

I am passionate about writing, I adore poetry like short stories never walked the surface of this earth and just like poetry, I am that subtle. when you ever walk into the house one evening and hear crickles of paper or find paper thrown about, please do not get mad because it aint clutter but my heart communicating to you, our kids, myself and the rest of the world. it is me completely being me at that point therefore we might not need spa room instead buty me a collection of pencils and paper besides my laptop and just maybe, you can create me a poetry gallery within the house where i can do my business.

I might not always be on point because I am not perfect but please believ me when i say, I shall try my best to be perfect for you. I love art and photography so once in a while i might want to travel for the beauty of it,buy art because i am not sure a can paint and take a few good shots.

I love to speak, I mean talking and I can not promise to shut up every night because I have for sure had a very beautiful growing up so there is alot to tell and lastly my lingerie. Do not question each time i come hopme with a pair even if its on a daily because trust me, you shall come to know the secret. Now I am sure we share some of these likes and yes the insatiable hunger for success. looking forward to a fun forever where we will live like friends, cry like siblings, take care of each other like lovers, add vodka to our lemons and have a party.

yours with love

future/current wife

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