Will you love me tomorrow as you do today

Will you love my worst as you do at my best

When am lost of words but overwhelmed at your choice of me

From the many hunters all armed in their majesty


Will you love me when i have loved you so much

Will you care when i over care for u

When i wait to satisfy yo desires in a rush

And my skin is covered with wrinkle


Will you still love me when the clouds are grey

Cover me with your jacket when the cold blows

Will you still hold my hand when the love is lost

And all we have is friendship to get us back to the start


Will you open your arms wide for me like when we first met

Whisper all the funny words to my ear

Watch the stars with me

Lay down at the beach besides me as the sun sets


Will you love me when my skin refuses to glow

When my smile has lost it light

And when my body has lost its youthfulness

Will you still sit and listen to me when the babies come

Will you still join me to dinner dates and parties


When my eyes are red from a sleepless night anxious to see you when the sun comes out

Will you hug and kiss me

Spin me round the dance floor

Laugh and cry with me

And most importantly


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