One wrong word, one silent spell (12/9/14)

this is deep

thus spoke

If I told you the things that I actually feel,

would I be left behind?

Would telling you only serve to remind

me of all the times my wayward words

have left me walking alone?

Would my flaws, my secrets, my struggles

build up mountains so tall you can’t ignore them-

or would you only ignore them,

would you only pacify me like I am a child, a lost lamb,

a fool ripe for your pitying?

Equal, such a funny notion

but I want this to be equal,

I want us to be equals,

I don’t want to be the only one who falls apart.

And I’m tired of being in the dark.

Tired of feeling like you’re hiding so many parts of yourself

and saving them for someone else,

and I know I try not to hurt you,

am trying to promise I’ll never desert you

but you make…

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