LETTERS TO MY P**** Pt 26/27

For all the selfishness i am sorry.

For the pain I caused you, I apologise.

For the risks I put you through,

Am sorry please never let me down as I did

Sometimes I think you’re not warm enough

Or you have run dry due to the rubbers

But please do not let me down on my wedding night

It will be the greatest shame of my life.

My husband will look at me with a lot of spite

Maybe divorce me after our honeymoon

Or keep me and get side dishes

I don’t want to be a laughing stock amongst my flocks

Nor have my womb deny me at the time I need it

Yes, abandon me,failure to conceive

Just because of all my mistakes and selfishness

I promise to be very selfless.


Do you promise to stay true to one penis

Hold me in high esteem,

Respect me and the womb,

Only use me for what is right and no medication?


I will love and adore you

Like a virgin African belle I will protect you

Just that you keep betraying me

Even when I have promised to keep my legs crossed

You keep itching and screaming out how much you want


Stop making it look like am the problem here

Am only apart of you

You carried me there if you have forgotten.

How was I supposed to get over the urge?

Or to look on, as you two made out

And his prick was hard and rubbing against me under his pants

And stop lying about resistance

Its not like when you put fire next to ghee it stays solid.


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