Dear L,

When i first saw you, you bore the innocence of Kate, the wit of Sera and the allore of Alex. I stayed up every night wishing you would call and slowly sleep would carry me away even before i went down on my knees to say a little prayer. I staggered up late nights just to check if just maybe i had missed your call but my heart would sink each time and thats when i would remember to thank God for keeping me alive. Slowly i would slip back to my world of fantacies and wait for the morning to break. I learnt to leave on my own even when the attraction i had towards you turned me into a coward. I learnt to walk alone even when it was hard to let go of the spoiling you gave me.  I held unto every little memories i had knowing you wouldnt come back soon, i grew up.Everyday i felt like i walked into the Realm of heaven knowing i have you by my side daily.

Now that i know you, my bones are with fire, my heart feels like a slippery glass. I am afraid to say i cant make meaning of my life anymore yet i refuse to give away myself esteem. My pride soars so high to let anyone crush it.  Do not hold my heart in your palms for long if you will not be able to hold t for long. I pray you return it before you crush it. Do not hold it till it breaks becasue once a glass breaks reparing it will never make it look as good as the old verson but a new will give it a better look. when the time simply give me room to get a better handler.  Do not hold it carelessly either, take care of it like it were your own and whenever you tired.

Remember its a heart not a ball. I am human not a drum. I love to dance but i am no dancer so i might not necessarily follow your bits if i can make mine. Now that we have Known each other,  may you have the selflessness of Joseph, the patience of Hannah and the Honesty of Moses.

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