Exactly 31

Dear L,

Did you know I wasn’t her, that I was still wounded and was in a relationship with pain? That you wore patience like a silhouette and left the rest to fate and You wore courage of a hunter patiently waiting for me to come through

i was just another girl who didn’t necessarily write down on a piece of paper qualities of my Hosea, but instead wrote down qualities of the kind of woman I desired to be and memorized the man I wanted to have.    So daily I went down on my knees to pray for that man. I fought with my fears but like the prosititute that washed God’s feet.  But when you came, you discovered me and defined me. I wasn’t yet the woman I had planned to be for my Hosea but when you came, in you I saw the man preached in 1 Timothy 1:5 my spirit wasn’t at rest because 31 to be exact in me was lagging. I tried to be Hannah but I can’t deny that sometime the Delilah in me was so awake that she waved me off my path.

thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for accepting to age with me. I wouldn’t have lived to see my Esther grow to be 31exact.

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