Features: NSG, When Will You Get Married?

@kkagumaho this is a nice read



I found this post on naijasinglegirl.com so hilarious, i just had to share. Enjoy.

The annoying part of my short holiday was getting to listen to my mother’s incessant marriage talks. Sometimes I don’t understand my folks. One moment they are putting severe pressure on me to get married and the next moment they are interfering in my choice of spouse.

For instance, they have a long list of tribes and villages in Nigeria I am not to marry from. I would have called them tribalistic but my village and communities surrounding it tops that list.

Their reasons ranges from keeping me safe from a man who might have no regards for them and run off with me, a man who might marry me for the sole purpose of rituals, a man who may end up taking three other wives after me or some family made up of the movers and…

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