Fears on my Sleeve

 I wear my fears under my make up

(its where its not often on my face)

I wear my pain with my heels

(because i command attention and feel beautiful)

I am like many girls my age,

while some prefer to cry their pain out and drink their fears,

I prefer to write out my pain, knee mail my fears and Dance my frustration and depression.

I fear the distance i have to walk its why i prefer to fly.

I fear to be delayed.

(actually i refuse to be delayed cz am not a child of terah)

I fear delay of my dreams, delay of my desires

I fear giving up, I fear holding on,

I fear waking up tomorow know yesterdays dream wasnt accomplished in its time.

(yes because it slows me down)
It frustrates me

I fear getting married old because i want to be young and vibrant when it happens

I fear i wont be able to stay 50yrs in marriage

Coz i fear outgrowing each other, i fear failure.

I fear being desperate because it makes me it cake faster than my heart pumps blood


(do not open yo eyes)

Its a virtue but i fear the day i shall wake up and i cannot be strong no more and my patience was taken for granted

I fear that i shall not build my teenage dreams in time enough to be inspired by them.

U all inspire me mayb just like i inspire u

but deep inside me lies a little girl with fears
who has only known one way to survive is have faith, pray and keep hope.

I fear not being able to get all my dreams together within my time.
And oh! this thing disturbs me, confuses me and fustrates me

I fear not being able to bring up my children like i dream

i fear i fear i fear.

The only thing i dont fear is thinking that God is by my side.

I fear not being understood.

I fear not being appreciated.

I fear losing love

I fear that the day i wont be able to find a pen, a pc or notebook to write will be the end of me

I fear the day my strength will fail me i LOATHE the day i will crash

I don’t think i shall be able to get up from it yet if i do i won’t be the same

I woke up with all these fears today

and i just realized how scared the little girl in me is,

She has grown into a coward

 I fear i fear i fear.


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