Letters to my P**** Pt 28

Remember when we went to Peter’s place

I was determined just to get money for saloon

Not to have him look at you at any one time

And there you were contracting and expanding

Like a goat in labour

You were all so wet like you had not seen a needle before


Look at who is calling me a goat in labour

Who got you the dress you wore to dinner yesterday

Or all that jewellery

I have not even got a single cloth since you started

Maybe of late when you apologised

Who helped you get money to pay rent you ingrate

And your medical bills when you aborted

You shouldn’t be speaking because I play a great role in your life


So what exactly did you want to get?

You’re as small as a cockroach

What kind of cloth do you want?

Lingerie? Atleast I got to cover you

When I am going to peter, fred and all the others

I have promised to do better.

In marriage, if you keep your promise

And the feminine soap remember?

The one that makes you feel fresh

Tighter and more beautiful than I ever made you

The one that gets all them dudes searching for you under my pants

The one that gets then men want to lick you dry

Clean you up for all your gels

The one that gives you scent

So remember, my dear pussy

A lady without scent is undefineable

So my princess atleast appreciate that

Because you have no idea how much I spent

Trying to beautify you


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