Letters to my p**** Pt 29

That’s not enough little girl

Had you kept me intact till the right man came along

You wouldn’t be pleading with me

You wouldn’t be so worried about what would happen on your honeymoon

So don’t sit there and tell me nothing

I would be more definable with my natural scent

More appreciated

I have no clue why am talking to you

But I think you wouldn’t have spent on herbs en feminine

Just to get me smell good because that was naturally given

You only spoilt it with your selfishness


Go visit the bush

Or have mutilation if tradition demands?




All those are very painful.

I cannot subject the lips that cause you warmth to pain

They are meant for pleasure and warmth

Mutilation will only cause you pain

Each time I lay with my husband it will feel like circumcision

As much as its culture

I promise to protect you

Visit the bush.

As much as it hurts I will do my best

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