Relationships, Soaps, Sextapes…..

Relationships, soaps, sextapes….

This is not a debate Ugandans should be having honestly. these have become songs like there is nothing more developmental to discuss. The book of proverbs states that where there is no vision people perish and clearly since the vision is blur many of us have failed to notice the destruction. (truth is i avoided saying a thing about this topic till now).

I am very disappointed in media who very well know they shape society to be the lead distributors of this rubbish. They have given it the forum to keep ciculating like they have no news to talk about. As much as we live in an obscene life, it doesnt have to become an order of day to give a raised platform to things that bring pity, well sometimes i am forced to question the brains of editors in news roo. I know that kind of news is on demand but my question is ‘Doesnt it ever get outdated, does it have to run year through, is it of much importance to keep in news?’

We all know these things exist wat makes famous people different is because they are in the public eye. Its like prosititution or fornication but as much as ts preached against, its not burried in our faces and nobody is pretending and talking about these. People should style up especially Men who redicule women. you shou style up. Its not women’s fault that culture dictates certain things in our lives and that doesnt make us less human.  Men are also victims here but if they think exposing such privacy makes them more of men than human then i pray it never catches up with them.

Stop people from doing what satifies them is like telling a goat to stop eating grass. If i love soaps, thats my business do not judge me for that, if sextapes are something women enjoy to make then i donot know how that becomes a state address debate. Its not like its gay sex so its bizzare, they make them with men who they trust enough to keep there privacy and thes donkeys disappoint them like it will make them more of men. I stand to be corrected but you become as used as the woman my dear even when yo peers support you just know behind your back they are wondering how one can walk around with a head but no brain…

Note: If you want to comment and have a pumpkin for a head, i beg do not bother. When i want your opinion i shall borrow your brain.

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