letters to my P**** pt 32


I do not want to feel like a spring

That each time the rains start am abandoned

Left for the cattle and goats to drink from

I want to be all seasons

Even when the rains fall

Or the sun is scotching hot

Only the villagers from my area should fetch water from me.



I promise to love you and treat you like a bride each day.

Prepare you for my wedding night

I do not want to run to herbalist and my friends

Telling them my well is running low or dry

I don’t want to embarrass my mother

People blaming her for not training me

Or teaching me well

She had no idea what I was doing

I do not want you to be the discussion of my husband and friends

As much as I will be humiliated

I do not want it fall on you as well

I prefer they say my well is full

But the owner knows not how to wiggle her waist

Her well is like a water fall but I have no idea how to fetch water

I want you to be like a stream

Where all beautiful village belles gather to gossip

And the village lads come to hunt for them

Adorned with a beautiful string of waist beads

I will not let you down pal

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