Valentines Day letters

Dear Valentine,

I do not wish that we dress in red and paint the city with love, i would prefer something white so we could paint it with peace. The comfort of our house will be a good choice so we could maybe cuddle at the sofa as we catch a romantic series or our own Pirated %0 shades of Grey especially because UCC doesnt think us cuddling in theatre on such a day will be too practical.  You know i love flowers but do not blow your head looking around what present to get me i will give you a few clues besides flowers, Cake, you, you, you and you, i will be fine.

I love atching rain but the season is hot baby cupid is abit distant this time so when we stay in the serenity of our bedroom, we could stand under the shower and just dance away to the rythm of our heart beats. Later we could go to the game park maybe for a quite dinner in the woods, giggle to the swaying sound of the trees, the crickling of the dry fallen leaves, watch the stars to the taste of wine cuddling on the floor. i wish our night to feel like Autum.

So Finally, its got to be us because every day is a date night, everyday is valentines.

yours overheels

your Val


One thought on “Valentines Day letters

  1. I feel like you wrote this in a rush. The potential of this piece is grand. I like the shifting in images and actions. Otherwise, happy val’s.


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