Letters o my P**** Pt 33

I will not let you work 24hrs like an askari

At campus I did because I was desperate

I turned you into the man

You will not work day and night

just a few days in the week.

But am very sorry

Even if tradition demands

I will not subject you to any kind of pain.

The one of child birth is enough

At campus I got different ways of handling it

But in marriage

Birth is part of the union

It’s a painful process

The ripping of the cervix

Will never be comparable to the first time he entered

It will be very painful

It could lead to a few stiches

The bleeding will be different from the monthly one

Allow me apologize for that pain before it comes

That is if you promise not to let me down in marriage

Because even a dry well gets cracks from too much heat from the sun

The bruises will be like a gonorrhea

They will itch and make you uncomfortable as well

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