Letters to my P**** pt 36

I want to apologies my dear friend

For all the names I let everyone call you

For the words I let people say about you

For thinking you were worthless

The virgins do not lack opportunity

But want to kip there wells overflowing

Not just for the dignity but once she goes dry

It will be another season

Of pain and tears

I write this as a confession

My dear pussy,

I was scared my very first time

Not about the pain

But the world

About how every man would look at me

I was scared for you

I was giving away your wealth

He was too big

And you were just like a hole in a sewing needle

I was positive not ripping you apart

I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It took me weeks

Everyday in two weeks he touched you

Everyday of the two weeks I cried.

Atimes I was hit hard

The clap sound wasn’t in your head

It was real and hurt

The screaming was not because I enjoyed

Sometimes it was because he dug too deep

And he smiled

He thought it was the G-spot speaking

And you smiled with him

Yet you felt your uterus hurt

Sometimes you felt him touch the womb

He smiled at his size and length

And you smiled hoping for satisfaction cum

And you were ignorant of the damag

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