Finale.Letters to my p****

Like roses in the garden I will forever be

I do not know how I smell

But I promise it won’t be foul like jackfruit

Or pounded yam with beans

But like strawberries,

Better still, chocolate.

Lubricating creams will only make me old

Allow me use my own

I am not dry and cracked like you think

I’ve something left

Just make sure you eat right

Forget about the Guinness bottle

Let me blossom

And like a flower water me

I will grow into beauty you have never seen

Like a bouquet of red roses I will compliment you

Like sunflower I will light your face like a smile

And like the Nile I will never stop flowing.

My twins danced

Before my lover

My waist was shaking

His arms rejected the pillow

But preferred the waist of his lover

Not because it was so soft

I sang sweetly in the arena

And that was never my making

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