U have my Attention

You caught my attention.

With the sparkle in your eyes,

the joy in your smile,

did i mention you have a vibrant smile?

And then you decided to walk with me.

Even when i still prefered to walk alone.

You held my hand and i still pulled away,

shared my tears and i still called you a joker.

I was hesitant, you pulled away.

The joy in you smile faded,

but i still paid no attention


the sparkle in your eyes is no more,

the warmth of your laughter is gone,

my ink is dry,

you are radio silent,

my art, very abstract.

I can’t forever live in fear.

I have dodged,

I have danced around in circles. but now…

My eyes are fixed on you

Your taste is my attention.

Not my Novel fantasies,

I am off my writing and paint boards

You have my Attention

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