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Unsaid Feelings

Introducing the amazing poet at KadaliBlog.


Me: “When the sun don’t shine
Can I be your shine?

When the lights are low
Will you let me hold your hand?

When everything don’t make sense,
And in times when the storm is too heavy,
Will you let my embrace be enough for you?

My ears will always be open to hear all your doubts.

Will my lips be enough to remind you of those things we always dreamed of together?

Will my eyes be enough for both of us when yours are heavy with tears?

When your heart’s heavy, will you remember that it has a home on my shoulder?”

Every time you say, ‘I Love You’, your eyes keep asking me these and many more questions. And in that moment I know. I just know you will always be here with me!

I have no choice but to say, ‘Yes…

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