Hi S

Sometimes I wonder if you are here because you act so.

But then I realise that our love died long ago that the ashes have cooled.

There is no more us?

Maybe there was never…

Just something faked that refused to get real because you kept being the negative one in the equation.

I continue to get lost in my ink and poetry because that’s who i really was from the begining.

You were too blinded to even see how much i loved white because you were too focused on the mirage of becoming a better you without me,

Do you even realise how much time has passed?

How much i hurt?

You couldn’t even hear the noise in my silence because traffic on your side was too loud.

The lover,friend,laughs laughs,madness were all good memories but right now all i have is a tarnished version of you and a tainted version of myself

You robbed everything i had and left me empty but only with my esteem.

There was once something here.

I trusted you with It and you lost it

You are now just another stranger with all my secrets,

another wind i loathe

a season i do not look forward to,

a withered rose garden,

there is no more blossom in this bloom.

I was determined to becoming the woman you wanted me to be and I lost my way to the woman i was purposed to be

my feelings,

a lettered altered ego of what they used to be.

my knees dusty and greyed from long hours of kneeling because i believed in’us’.

now i get lost in re-writing it all..

get high and coffee and cuddle on my sofa.

this is how simple it was meant to be but u just loved me hard.

before you think am writing all these puzzle of lines to you…..


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