She never dreamed or desired of getting married to a man of God. Not a preacher, clergyman or choir master but she was on fire for christ. She desired and dreamt of marriage but first built her relationship with God but she never once thought she would be attracted to a minister, better still a worshipper. All her past relationships didnt give her the craving she desired in her husband.

So she decided she would only date in ministry, someone who understood her love for christ and loved christ more than he adored her. A man who understood love on a foundation of christ.If God called her to singlehoodness she was ready to embrace it because he was her first love.

She had no idea what it entailed in being a ministers wife but she was willing and patient to learn. As long as she had christ she was sure he would prepare her and as long as she waited she would sit, support him, understand him, be his friend,prayer partner,companion and still be his wiffcd8a457d62fc99422941062faddbb5de. The fire that burned within her for a man that understood essence of worship wasnt goin to allow her settle for less. Yes, sometimes she was lonely and tired of being single. God knew she burned on the inside but she was willing to wait for a minister.


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