I think i was raised up differently. I probably have a masculine influence. I was taught to say the truth no matter any circumustance and as a matter of fact I am bold enough not to have the girl in me intimidated.

Last night I sat down trying to analyse why to most i come off as complex. well, Am i complex?

Yes I am.

Do i come off as too bold?

Yes, i do. But like a friend once told me, to only those who think women should not express themselves fully.

Is my character intimidating to men?

Yes. Especially for those who think there is a written script on how to go about women.

So I could easily be misunderstood because my character is a preserve for males in our chauvinistic society. But hey, i cannot lose myself or a part of me trying to have them all understand we especially when they labour less but if i have to choose then i will chose’Me’  everyday. Instead of walking down the aisle of a church in a white dress, I’d prefer walking down the aisle of books at the store (in jeans), choosing a romance novel through which to live vicariously.  Not that i do not desire to walk down the aisle but it should be with someone who understands my indifference and appreciates the woman i have been brought up to be. I am not unpredictable or one assumes i do not adjust. I do because i am too human. I too bend

5 thoughts on “INDIFFERENCE

  1. Sometimes, you need to accept that you can be overbearing as well. Learn to recognise when you are. Otherwise, what has removed this wire?


  2. Well Well Well, for me to even comment on this post i would need to meet the actual Sharon and see if she comes off as indifferent, I think it’s actually an advantage given that society defines certain things based on a general understanding, now being what you describe above for me puts you in a better position to be yourself and stand for what you are. Keep up the indifference.


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