puzzled lines*

I am not a broken heart.

It’s just that feeling of emptiness

A feeling of disappointment

Call it betrayal

Maybe I just over trusted.

I am not collarbones or drunken letters never sent.

The traffic your side was too noisy

Your house was crowded on an empty street

So the courier kept sending them back

And my hearth just kept smoking them all out

So I stopped writing.

I am not the way I leave or left

A lot changes or has changed.

Years passed or have.

I actually grew an inch taller,

I added abit of weight,

I bought more yellow ink,

Painted more canvases of me,

Wrote and read more,

Spent time with ‘Me’ more,

I bet you, this new picture is adorable.

Its like wine, the older it gets the finer

The dustier, the more desirable and costly

Or didn’t know how to handle anything,

No call it over bearing.

Choosing to lose yourself maybe,

A new pattern of thought,

new wave of emotion,

At any time,

It was most of the time.

And I am not your fault!

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