IMG_20150702_214047I knew he was taking me a notch higher even when tears ran down my face in agony and all i could see was blood stained on my clothes. I could smile through my pain because i could feel my legs and my arms, as much as i couldnt raise them in worship, my heart was drowning in love. It is then that i confirmed that the best scent in this world, is that of a man you love. By the way he lavished his love on me like myrrh is the way i still felt. I smelt his prescence like a perfume bottle had just broken at my feet. Oh! how he loves me.

Yes it does bother me how you love when even when i feel unworthy

The way your eyes tear through the depth of my soul and cut through the thinness of my skin.

I still do not know how to water my garden on a daily yet you tirelessly teach me

The way you water and tender my bed of Asters just overwhelms me. It makes me wanna shout “WHO AM I?” but yet again want to just drown in your love and sink in your prescence.

Now i know, love doesnt have to be perfect, it just needs to be true and i shall let love guide my life

Calm my anxious spirit


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