She was the embodiment of beauty,

voluptuous without being too sensual.

Her chest merely ample and,

she had seen better.

but, when she rose up and

straightened her skirt with grace of a thousand angels,

boldness of Esther and a warm closeness of Ruth.

He hadn’t ever seen anything as gracious.

to be quite honest,

She didn’t just weaken his knees,

his body forgot it had knees.(one could see from a far he was falling)

its then and there that he started.


He Chose her then and over again.

led her to the alter and made his commitment

and that was the first time she shared his bed

their hearts beating closely together in darkness

he listened to her breathing,

watched her sleep and held her closer to his heart.


“It’s is not going to be easy”, she whispered.

‘It is going to be really hard,

we are going to work at it everyday,

I wont lie that you complete me, because then i will have cheated on God.

I need to do this because its not everyday I will want you,

but forever I will need you.

It is going to be us everyday and God

I am not an Esther,

I am Edith-Blessed

I can be a Rose of Sharon

you could call me your Rebekah-Servants’ answered prayer

But to you, God and my home i will remain Edith.

I chose you

And I choose you everyday.


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